Family Days

Family Portraits  (memories) 

The Price : £100

Photographing a family couldn’t make me more happier, just to capture the smiles, the laughs and the unconditional love within the unit.

I would come and visit you at your chosen location, this could be at your home or at a nearby park for example.  I will get to know you and take a few shots as you all relax. We can then have some fun with different set up of shots and use whatever props are available to us. You can bring along your own (things/objects) these could be anything that represent you as a family. For example, if you like to take bike rides together, I can incorporate this into the shots too. Whatever you love to do as a family, I can capture it.

I usually feel 1-2 hours is a good amount of time to spend with you and all pictures I take will be carefully edited and put on a DVD for you to view in your own time. If you choose to order any prints or framed prints you can always contact me for prices and I would be happy to help.

Alternatively, do you have a special occasion looming? Maybe you are starting preparations for a milestone birthday or anniversary and would like to have the day documented and captured. This is just another service I can offer to you.

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